Executive Search

Together with you as a client we will work out a comprehensive profile, taking into account the current and desired situation, required experience, competencies, acumen and conceptual level of the ideal candidate. If desired, we can even make an team analysis to better define the profile. In addition, we analyze the market situation extensively, identify competitors and investigate where the ideal candidate can be found.

Based on this profile we construct a long-list, of which we contact all candidates by telephone. After the first selection, we come to a short-list of candidates which we extensively interview, test their skills and intelligence. Eventually you as a client will only speak to the two or three most suitable candidates from this selection. After final selection of the ideal candidate, we do a reference check, which may be supplemented by an extensive study of educational and professional degrees, credentials and antecedents.

Systematic approach
Our way of working is characterized through a unique way of planning and monitoring. Throughout the process we report on a regular basis about progress being made and we will keep up the pressure in order to keep going.